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The Return of the…

It is time.  After two years, six months and fourteen days I am finally calling my own number.  Like Ali coming out of retirement to fight Holmes, it might be a bad idea, but either way Achanceyougottatake Sports is returning to the blogosphere.  It might look a little different and the name certainly is a little different, but as Gilbert Arenas and the Bullet, er Wizards have shown, what’s in a name anyway.  Sure, the game’s changed a lot in the time I’ve been away. Golf is now about hitting Escalades, not holes in one.  Basketball is more about the Luxury Tax than Championships.  Pro football is facing extinction as Congress calls hearings about concussions (Roger Goodell had better watch out, we all know how effective Congressional hearings were in baseball…). Concerned themselves, college coaches are quixotically trying to cure concussions by locking kids in tool sheds.  And, perhaps worst of all… The Yankees are World Series Champions.

One actually might wonder what I have going for me in the sports’ world these days.  I mean, the Jays just traded my all time favorite player for Doug Drabek’s son.  The past two World Series have been won by my two least favorite franchises, the Phoenix Suns have “cheaped” their way from perennial contender and all time exciting team to… First round out.  The latest team that could have shut Mercurey Morris and the ’72 Dolphins up, decided that resting their starters was more important.  Of course, this came a week after they played those same starters to become the team  with the most wins in a single decade, because, uhmmm… that’s something we’ll all remember in ten years.  Nick Saban, one of the sleaziest men in a sleazy profession won his second national title.  And, did I mention that the Yankees are World Series champions?

So, why return?  Well, the sports world just keeps churning, and my brain just keeps churning alongside it.  If I could figure out a way to get butter out of all that churning I’d do that, but instead, I’m forced to quiet the beast by subjecting all of you to the holier than though musings of another Lumpkin head.  I mean, I’d like to think I’m a little further along the enlightened scale than Jay Mariotti, but… who knows.  This blog, like my last one will be about sports in general, meaning that in a week like this I would have written about USC football and what a little weenie Lane Kiffin is, but you’ll forgive me if I write about basketball a little more than the others, because with basketball it is just really simple to postulate over possible trades, or ponder “best ofs.”  And you’ll forgive me if I write about baseball a little more than even basketball, because like any self respecting parent, I have a favorite and my favorite is baseball.

I might link to articles I read more often than I used to, but only if I discover that my new site has a “point and click” way to create links, saving me from remembering hyper text, or whatever it’s called.  But really, the site will be dedicated to satiating the voice in my head, the one that keeps me up at night thinking things like: “if I were putting together an all decade team for the nineties, using Bill Simmons’ “secret” would I have Detlef Schrempf as my twelfth man?”  For you, my cherished, at this point non-existent reader, you will know that this site is for you, if you have regular conversations with your partner that end when she (or he) sternly looks at you and says: “You’re thinking about baseball aren’t you.”  Yes, sweetie, yes I am.  What can I say, I’ve got Sports on the Brain.

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