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Shaq’s Brain Fart…

I normally take everything Shaq says with a Shaq-sized grain of salt, but yesterday when he said that someone should step up with a big pot of money so that LeBron (and Kobe and Vince Carter)* could compete in the slam dunk contest, with half the proceeds going to the relief effort in Haiti, he actually had a good idea, well, half a good idea.  Bringing in the big guns would allow the NBA to charge more for the dunk contest and if they then coerced cooperation from their corporate sponsors, they could put together a Shaq sized victory pot.  Say, a quarter of a million dollars, maybe more in years like this with a specific issue?  Where Shaq’s idea lost me, is that the victor shouldn’t give half the prize to relief efforts in Haiti, he should give the entire prize.

*(Michael Wilbon on PTI had a good point about how Kobe and Carter are probably beyond the point of competing in a dunk contest.  As much as we’d love to see them and still remember them as the ferocious dunkers of the past, now they’re like a slinky on the third child…)

Or, if LeBron wins and he cares more about donating it to a BC Children’s, or the Heart and Stroke Foundation, or the Jimmy Fund, or towards putting baseball diamonds in a small Mexican town, then that’s fine too.  The point is that they should be getting the top performers, performing for a cause.  That would generate renewed buzz in the event and it might generate interest from the top players themselves.  I mean, even if someone, like say Kobe, isn’t particularly charitable himself, it would be pretty easy for an agent or PR person to explain to him how competing in a dunk contest for charity creates goodwill, which ultimately leads to dollars on the bottom line for the player in future endorsement deals.  I really think this is a win-win… The only thing I can’t figure out is how Shaq stole this idea from Steve Nash?

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