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The Caveman Roareth…

Chirs Kaman, or the Caveman as he’s more accurately known, said yesterday that Pau Gasol isn’t an allstar, which sort of elicits a, “huh?” That statement is so ridiculously, absurdly stupid, that it’s actually deserving of his nickname. Kaman is having a great season, a career season actually, but if he really thinks Gasol isn’t an allstar he’s dumber than that sad, facile Geico caveman.

Lets break it down a little here. Gasol is the second best player on the defending champs. A status that, unless Cleveland were to win a title this year, pretty much makes a guy an allstar. Before that, Gasol was the best player on a Memphis team that between the 03/04 season and the 05/06 season averaged 48 wins. For his part, Kaman is — this year — the second best player on a team trailing Gasol’s Lakers by 13.5 games. Until this year, Kaman has been the third, fourth, fifth, or ninth best player on a team that’s averaged 32 victories over his six year career. This includes the outstanding 19 games the Clippers won last year, while Gasol’s Lakers were winning the title.

Now, I am usually the first to say that you cannot weigh team results too heavily when comparing players (this, is of course the only thing the Kobe lovers have in the Kobe-LeBron debates, Kobe’s four championships…), so lets look at them individually. Neither is known for their defense. . While Gasol is solid and slightly underrated in that regard, the best thing we can say about Kaman’s defense is that he plays next to Marcus Camby. Still, this is really a discussion of their offensive acumen, so lets see… As I said at the beginning, Kaman is having a career year, which means he’s putting up a PER of 18.43. In Gasol’s worst season (his rookie year), Gasol had a PER of 20.66. His WORST year. This year, Gasol is averaging 16.9 points per game on a sizzling 54.5% shooting percentage. He grabs two more boards per game than Kaman, gives out twice the assists, and takes five and a half fewer shots per game. So yes, the Caveman is averaging 20.2 points per game, but given Gasol’s 22.74 PER, he’s far less efficient doing so.

Finally, there’s this, why in the world would Kaman want to call out Gasol? The Clippers are the laughing stock of the league, a team best known for the supposed curse that ruins everything they do (to cure the curse they need look no further than ousting their racist, cheapskate owner, but that’s a rant for another day), meanwhile the Lakers are, well the Lakers. So, maybe there’s a jealousy thing going on here, but considering that the Clippers beat the Lakers, what, like once, twice in a lifetime, I don’t think I’d be doing anything to incite extra flames on the competitive fires of the defending champs. But, then again, I’m not a caveman, so what do I know…

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