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Archie’s World…

Archie Manning is arguably the greatest quarterback in New Orleans Saints’ history (Although if Drew Brees wins the Super Bowl, then I think he takes the prize and marches down Bourbon St. with it). He played for the Saints for most of his career and after his playing career was finished, he settled in New Orleans and raised his children there. He’s been visible at Saints games for twenty-seven years and on February 7th in his team’s most important game, he’s going to cheer for their opponent.

I’m sure this is obvious to most of you, but of course one of the children that Manning raised in New Orleans was a precocious young lad named Peyton and today, Archie told the associated press that,

“It’s a game I’m going to pull for my son. [Saints coach] Sean Payton knows that. He’s a great friend of mine,” Manning said. “[Saints quarterback] Drew Brees knows that. That’s just the way it is.”

Seems pretty logical to me. The money quote,

“Anybody who thinks it’s different must not have children.”

Now, I don’t have children, at least none that I know of, but… I’m fairly certain that anybody who is a child should understand this. Cheering for your child is a no-brainer… And really, while I imagine if the Colts loose Archie will feel bad for his son, he’ll still be able to celebrate the greatest moment in Saints history. It’s not quite a win-win for him, but it’s close. Really, it’s Archie’s world and we’re all just living in it…

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