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He Should Have Stuck to Pooping in Shoes…

Yesterday NBA commissioner David Stern laid down his judgment in the Gilbert Arenas – Javaris Crittenton gun snafu. Both players have pled guilty to gun charges in the Washington DC area, but were ostensibly suspended for the rest of the season not for their guilty convictions, but for brining the guns into an NBA arena.

For Crittenton, the suspension means an immediate financial hit of five hundred thousand or so, but worse for him is that the incident does nothing to help a fringe player hoping to stay in the league.

For Arenas, the immediate financial hit is much more significant. Bringing his four guns in to the arena and displaying them on a chair in front of Crittenton’s locker as a “joke” will cost Arenas close to 10 million dollars. Some will argue that since the guns were unloaded, and the gesture really was intended more as prank than threat, the punishment in this case far exceeds the crime, but I think this misses two points. First, that it doesn’t matter how Arenas intended the prank, it matters how it was interpreted. By all indications, Crittendon was incensed enough that he grabbed his gun and proceeded to load it, so… Gilbert, we have a problem. The second is that bad judgment or not, it involved an item banned by his workplace.

Look, ten million dollars is a lot of money to be fined for essentially being a moron, but that’s the reality of Arenas’ life. If I were to walk into my job at the local McDonalds and drop my gun on the counter next to the deep fryer you’d better believe Ronald would be giving me the the big floppy shoed boot. Sure, I’d only be losing the 6.25 an hour that they pay, but that’s not the point. The point is, I’d lose my job.

Arenas hasn’t exactly lost his, not in a permanent way, but he’s lost it for this year. That he makes a teensy bit more than my 6.25 an hour only means he should have been that much more careful to ensure he didn’t do anything to jeopardize his employment. It’s called accountability and yes, ten million makes it a hard pill to swallow, but that’s the flip side of having a 20 million a year job.

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