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The Big Plastic Snowman and the torch…

It’s seven am, eleven hours away from the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. As I get ready for work, I’m sitting here watching the torch relay and I have one thought… Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently carrying the torch around Stanley Park’s sea wall, looks like a giant, plastic snowman.

Surprisingly, for an avid sports fan, I’m not really a big Olympics guy. Other than the men’s hockey tournament, which I care too much about, I don’t generally care about the games. However, it is cool to see my former city looking so elegant for all the world, and there is something to be said for all the sports that involve people hopping on a piece of plastic and jumping down an icy hill.

There will be some remarkable stories and maybe those will engage me, and my friend Panties has taken vacation for two weeks so that he can do nothing other than watch the games, so maybe his enthusiasm will spread to me.

Or maybe the Canadian men’s hockey team will flame out in the quarterfinals, I’ll throw a remote control through our shiny new tv, renounce the entire Olympic movement, relocate to Angola and settle happily into a world where I don’t see plastic-surgery Frosty at seven in the morning…

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