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Four Years for Twenty-Three Seconds…

Amazing, absolutely amazing. I wondered at the beginning of the Olympics whether I would be captivated and thus far the answer is yes. Maybe it’s because the games are in Vancouver. Or maybe it’s watching them in high-definition. Or maybe it was watching Moguls, which are clearly a freaking awesome sport. Or maybe it was Jennifer Heil who was so classy after what must have been a disappointing silver yesterday.

Whatever it was, by the time Alexandre Bilodeau stood on the precipice of history, awaiting his shot at Canada’s first gold medal on home soil, I was fully invested. When he stuck his first jump, I fist pumped. When he hung MJ like in the air on his second, I hopped off the sofa. And when he raced flawless across the finish line, I pounded my hands. I’d become a fan.

So when France’s Guilbaut Colas took the last run down the hill, I sat on the floor, hands over my head, wrench in my stomach… hoping, praying even… When Colas’ ranking came out 6th, I jumped, I fist pumped, I might have even whopped. Incredible. And I’ve only been invested in this for two days.

Can you imagine how great this must feel for Bilodeau? Four years he’s been working hard for the opportunity to perform his sport in his home country. It’s a sport that’s all over in 23 seconds. That’s it, that’s all you get. Twenty-three seconds. Bilodeau took those twenty three seconds and cemented them into history. Tremendous, I’m glad I was watching and I hope you were too.

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