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Birds chirping…

So this morning I was trying to enjoy those final fleeting moments of sleep, when to my chagrin this persistent sound kept waking me up. It was like an opera singer trying to swallow a chain-saw. I pulled a pillow over my head, but the incessant little juke box just kept chirping. Finally, I hauled myself out of bed, stormed to the window and glared out.

And yet, my irritation at the interruption was quickly abated, for sitting on the top of the birch tree outside of my window was a tiny little Blue Jay. My displeasure at his announcing the dawn before I was ready to receive it, could not remain as I looked on this small creature of beauty. He was striking. Elegant, perched strongly on the branch, his plume the color of the Northern Pacific in April. His chest puffed nobly out, he was a revelation, a sight of something pure and sacred.

Unfortunately, as I was watching my Jay, an Oriole came flying overtop and dropped a strange looking package on the bird. It looked like a stuffed animal, but the ominous feeling in my gut told me that this was no teddy bear. I shouted a warning to my Blue Jay, but his chirping dumbed out the sound of my voice.

As the package descended it began to look more like a squirming tube sock. It was only as it was almost upon my Jay, that I realized it was a savage looking Ray (not to be confused with a satanic looking Ray), wrapped in a Red Sock. My poor Jay was under attack, and just as I thought he might fend off the Socked Ray, the Oriole returned to join the fight. Three on one! I knew it was not a fair fight and that the only noble thing was for me to join the battle.

Agitated, I struggled to open the window in hopes of helping defend my Jay, but just as I sprang through the frame, a pin stripped American bomb dropped from the sky and obliterated the grappling Ray, the Sock, the Oriole, and alas my poor Jay.

I knew then that this display could mean only one thing…

Pitchers and catchers are reporting for Spring Training this week! Which means two things for you. First, soon I’ll stop writing five posts a week about basketball, and second you can go here and read Joe Posnanski’s outstanding February preview of the upcoming baseball season. Yes, the season is still almost two months away and yes, my Jays will struggle to win 75 games, but… thank ghandi baseball’s back.

  1. BBB
    February 17, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    So how is it that the two best pitchers in the NL used to pitch for the Jays. And how is it that after seeming to climb a bit the last few years, optimism growning, this year they’re apparently going to suck the hind one. Sad, so sad. Go Raptors.

  2. February 17, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Well, they were probably overrated the past couple years, needing disproportionate amounts of luck to win. And instead they were unlucky, but that’s what happens when you give a player like Vernon Wells 120 million… So, yeah, I’d say go Raptors, but they crapped the bed tonight, so… go Salmon Kings??

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