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A shocking admission, with just a touch of gold…

After a week of mercilessly making fun of Ice Dancing, tonight, when Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skated for the Gold Medal, my palms were sweaty and a knot was lodged firmly in my stomach (the Bride might even claim that my fingers were crossed while waiting for the judges’ scores, but I deny those allegations).  It might have just been that Canadians were competing for gold, but honestly I think it’s that Virtue and Moir seem so genuine and charming.  They skated beautifully, sensually even and they were perfect.  How could you not be cheered by watching Moir pump his fists and Virtue beam in victory.  Golden indeed.

Before departing for the night, I also have to say that I was equally, or almost equally, as impressed with Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who threw down the thunder with their skate and then were so excited to celebrate with Virtue and Moir even in defeat.  Also, golden indeed.

I will now spend the next twelve hours making “you know how I know you’re…” jokes about myself.

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