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A black and white issue…

So, I never could understand why NHL teams decided to change and have their home teams wear the dark jerseys, with the lights worn on the road. It always just seemed like one of those changes that struggling businesses make just to say they’re making a change. I don’t really know why it matters to me, but it just seems strange to see Montreal wearing their whites on Pittsburgh’s ice.

What seems even stranger, is to see Pittsburgh’s Melion Arena entirely draped in white. If you are the home team and your team is going to be dressed in black (and gold), why would you encourage your fans to all wear white? Especially when you know that your opponent will be wearing white? Even if you were dressed in whites, is there anything worse than an all white arena? It looks so devoid of character, empty of energy, bland, dull… Wouldn’t it be better to have your fans all dressed in black, perhaps with gold towels to wave after goals? I don’t know, just something I was thinking about as I watched the opening minutes of Pittsburgh-Montreal.

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