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Rashard Lewis Was the 9th Highest Paid Player in the NBA This Year…

If you read that title and said, what the deuce? Then you aren’t alone. I was on Hoops Hype looking at salaries and saw that Lewis made 18.876 million this year, it also just happened to be the same moment that the boys at TNT flashed up that Lewis had 2 points and 1 board in the first half. Hey, I know that players have bad games, but through this year’s playoffs Lewis is averaging 15.2 points and 5.7 boards a game. Hardly worthy of the ninth highest paid player in basketball.

The Orlando Magic have been so good these last two years that I think we’ve all forgotten what a terrible contract the Magic gave to Lewis. One hundred ten million over six years. That’s for a player who had a PER of 14.03 this year, which by the way just happened to be 48th among power forwards.

Lewis’ contract hasn’t killed the Magic yet, but it will. He’s a solid player, perhaps even a good player, but he’s not a great player, he’s never been a great player and his contract jumps from 18 million this year to 20 million to 22 million to 23 million… Yowza. It would be one thing, if Lewis had given the Magic four good years and was now succumbing to age, or if he’d been struck down by a fluke injury, but instead he’s in the third year of a deal that seemed bad ten seconds after he’d dotted his “I’s.” He’s seen his shooting percentage and points decrease for three straight years. He’s thirty. History tells us this is going to get ugly…

This is why the NBA is careening towards a labor stoppage. Not because the players have done anything wrong, but because the men who build teams are just too dumb to realise that Rashard Lewis, solid player though he be, is not worth 110 million for six years. They need stiffer salary rules as protection from themselves.

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