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Mike Brown Given the Tuna Treatment…

Well, it was sort of inevitable wasn’t it? I think Mike Brown’s a solid coach, perhaps even a good coach, but you cannot waste two playoffs as the number one seed, with the number one player, and survive to talk about it. Not unless said player comes out visibly and vocally in your defense.

When the Cavs lost, the rumor that Brown had been fired, was passed like a beer bong at May long camping trip, but Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said then that no decision had been made. Given what transpired this morning, I can only assume that Gilbert meant that a decision had been made, but that the team had yet to clear it past James. I know that the King might flee, but trust that had James categorically said, “I will absolutely not return if Mike Brown is fired,” then Brown would still be the coach of the Cavs.

Of course, that’s what will make the coaching search for the Cavs so absurdly difficult. Who will they bring in that satisfies James? And, on the flip side, who will take the job until they know whether James himself is onboard. With James, the Cavs’ job is one of the three best in basketball, without James… Ughhh…

Thus, expect this to be a long, slow convalescence for the Cavs coaching position. With the penultimate decision tied to James himself. If LeBron goes to the Bulls or Knicks, then the Cavs will find some cheap sap, who’s just psyched to get a top job. If the King stays, then expect the Cavs to promise handing as much money as they need to, to the coach of James’ choosing. So, say that the Lakers are sincere when they say that they are only going to pay Phil Jackson 5 million a year, and say that James says he wants to play for the winningest coach in NBA history, would Gilbert cough up 12 or 13 million for the Zen Master? Faster than it takes Griffey Jr to fall asleep in the clubhouse.

As for Brown, he joins the list of coaching casualties, which shouldn’t really be too troubling, because as Philly just showed with Doug Collins, there’s always a team willing to hire a retread coach. Brown will get another job, he’ll have another chance to show that he can fail in the playoffs. And then he’ll get fired again… and then he’ll get hired again…

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