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One really long Asterisk…

I was going to compound my point in that last post that Philly needs to keep the 2nd pick by listing all the players selected second over the last decade, but… WOW, with one massive exception, it’s impressive how craptastic the second pick in the draft was during the aughts. To wit (with players selected later in the draft and some color commentary in parenthesis):

2009 – H. Thabeet, Memphis (T. Evans, S. Curry, R. Rubio… It’s too soon to judge this draft, but Thabeet? Can you say Shawn Bradley? Who for the record was the 2nd pick in 1993)
2008 – M. Beasley, Miami (B. Lopez, R. Westbrook, O. Mayo… Well, again there’s lots of time for Beasley to turn things around, but uhmmm… there’s also lots of time for him to party his ass out of the league)
2007 – K. Durrant, SEATTLE (What? There’s nothing to say here…)
2006 – L. Aldridge, Portland via trade (B. Roy, but since the Blazers got him anyway, whatever… on another note this was a strangely crappy draft, the top five: Andrea Bargnani, Aldridge, Adam Morrison, Tyrus Thomas, and Sheldon Williams… that’s like the murders row of suckitude)
2005 – M. Williams, Atlanta (Let me see, I think there was this Chris Paul guy, and Deron Williams might one day be decent, but it’s not like Atlanta needed a point guard or anything…)
2004 – E. Okafor, Charlotte (Sure, why not, but since six years later he’s the third best player on a 37 win team, it’s hard to get too excited. At least nobody advocated for him to go first)
2003 – D. Millicic, Detroit (come on, if I have to write who the next three picks are then either you live under a rock, or you’re my Wife and you’re actually reading my blog for the first time…)
2002 – J. Williams, Chicago (Sure, he fell off a motorcycle, but even in his one healthy season Amare Stoudemire had already left Jason “Call me Jay so you don’t confuse me with the other Jason Williams, you know the one who shot somebody” Williams in his dust)
2001 – T. Chandler, Chicago (P. Gasol, J, Johnson, J. Richardson. It’s actually impressive how poorly Chicago drafted throughout most of this decade. Rose and Noah excepted of course)
2000 – S. Swift, Vancouver (sigh… there was once a team in Vancouver and Seattle, now… Bupkiss. Anyhow, it’s hard to criticize this one, since the best player in the entire draft was picked 43rd. Yes, Michael Redd is a good player, but ughhh… 2000 is surely the worst draft in history. And no, I’m not putting in the time to research that, since the Wife was asking me when I was going to be done two hours ago…)

Anyhow, that’s just an impressive barrage of drafting crappy players with the second pick. Of course, if I told you that Stu Jackson, Jerry Krause, Billy Knight, and Chris Wallace were involved in some of those picks, well…

Anyhow, the number two pick over the last decade: one super-duper-star, a couple decent guys (Aldridge, Okafor, Chandler until his body turned to chalk), one accident (Williams), and five big ol’busts. That’s insane. For a little contrast, without any gloss or glitter, here were the ten 2nd picks from the 90s: G. Payton, K. Anderson, A. Mourning, S. Bradley, J. Kidd, A. McDyess, M. Camby, K. Van Horn, M. Bibby, and S. Francis. Now, it’s not perfect (coughShawnBradleycough), but that’s a much better decade…

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