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Will Philly’s Management Brand themselves Morons?

You know what’s great about draft time? The crazy rumors that swirl like a tornado around the NBA’s craptastic teams. My favourite this week involves the Philadelphia 76ers offering the 2nd pick in the draft to anyone willing to take on the contract of Elton Brand. Uhmmm… Really? As a wise short man once said,

“Wat’cha talkin’ bout Willis?”

If the 76ers make that move, then the whole organization needs to be fired. Seriously, top to bottom give them all the tuna treatment. Look, Brand is an albatross. He was a terrible signing, an example of an organization looking at numbers and past production over fit, but that still doesn’t change the fact that you cannot trade five years of controlled costs on what could (should)* be a star player. Giving up a franchise altering talent to get rid of a past mistake only serves to compound your original mistake.

The feeling around Philly is that presumed second pick Evan Turner is a bad match for the 76ers. Why? Well because he wouldn’t pair well with Andre Igoudala. Uhmmm… I’m sorry, but when did Igoudala become Dr. J? The other rumor is that the Sixers have to trade the pick for veterans because Doug Collins is terrible at developing youngsters… Uhmmm… I’m sorry? But when did Doug Collins become Red Auerbach? You’re telling me that the Sixers didn’t realise that they needed to hire a coach who could work with developing young players when they finished with a 27-55 record? Really?

Seriously? Are these guys paid to analyze and assemble a winning basketball team, or are they paid to do keg stands for four hours and then make basketball decisions? I’ve said this in the past, but what the Sixers should do is tie Brand to Iggy. We know what Igoudala is. He’s a very good player, but he’s not going to lead your team to the playoffs, let alone to a championship. I’m not even sure that he’s the second best player on a championship team. Six years into his career, Igoudala looks more like the Horace Grant to a team’s Jordan than the Scottie Pippen. Unfortunately he’s paid more like the Pippen and has come to believe he’s a team’s Jordan. This ladies and gentlemen is a problem. Not a problem that can’t be solved, but a problem that probably wont be resolved in Philly.

What should Philly do? Simple: Trade Iggy. Attach Brand. Draft Turner (or Favours, or Cousins, or whomever is actually the second best player in this draft).* And build around youth and the resulting cap space. If Doug Collins can’t handle that, well, then send him back to TV land and hire a coach who can. It’s not rocket science here. That’s what Morey’s doing in Houston…

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