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The Irony is Rich and Amusing, if fleeting…

Well, two games into the season the Boston Celtics have played both the new look Heat and new look Cavs, so I’m sure we can use them as an indicator of each team’s success this season. Celtics beat the Heat 88-80, but lost to the Cavs 95-87, so…

What exactly does that tell us? In a word, nothing. But it is ironic and it is kinda funny, although by some time next week it will be neither, just one of those weird blips that happen in an NBA season. The Heat bounced back with a win against the 76ers, but they still remain a massive work in progress. As John Hollinger pointed out numerous times last year, players who have the ball in their hands for long periods on every possession aren’t good matches no matter how flashy their talents might seem. This doesn’t mean the Heat wont figure it out, I’m sure that they will, but watching their two games so far, they’ve looked far more discombobulated than I’d have imagined and that has led not just to some turnovers, but some really ugly turnovers. Still, their defence has looked better than I thought it would, with the guys active and pesky, which means when they do figure out the other end of the court, they are going to be a the monster we all were expecting. Of course, that might not be until the new year.

5 other random opening night thoughts:

1) The Suns are who we thought they were: a team with too many small forwards and not enough bigs. In Robin Lopez they have a legitimate big man. In Hakim Warrick they have a tweener and in Channing Frye they have a 30 million albatross waiting to fester. Ok, sorry, maybe that was a bit harsh, but if Frye’s threes aren’t falling he brings virtually nothing else to the floor, this shows up in the relationship between his True Shooting Percentage and PER throughout his career:

Year TS% PER
2005-06:   54.1     18.12
2006-07:   46.4    10.50
2007-08:   52.9    14.62
2008-09:   46.5    10.09
2009-10:    59.8    15.09

Now, knowing as I do what smart observers you are, I’m sure that you can tell me what pattern Frye has exhibited over his five year career that should have given the Suns serious pause before dropping 30 million in his lap? Yes, that’s right Johnny! Every other year of his career, his TS% drops to 46 and he becomes a useless player (unless you defend like Bruce Bowen, a 10 PER makes you about as useful on the court as my Grandma). So, if Frye continues his pattern of terrible shooting in even years, then this will be a painful season in the dessert.

2) I didn’t see Boston’s loss to Cleveland, so I can’t really say how he looked, but in their game against the Heat, Shaq looked spry and (relatively) fit. Still, I’m not a big fan of this pickup. Shaq looked great in Cleveland at the start, he looked great in Phoenix at the start, he was great in Miami at the start, but in each of those places the exit was ugly (not to mention his ugly exits in Orlando and LA) and I don’t think you can judge the BIg Shamrock until the Celtics’ season ends. He’s smart enough to say all the right things, but he’s also narcissistic enough to cause the train to wobble off the tracks. In last year’s playoffs, the Cavs would have been better suited giving Shaq’s minutes to J.J. Hickson, but Mike Brown acquiesced to Shaq and left the big man in the game when he was killing them. Now, Doc Rivers is no Mike Brown, but when Kendrick Perkins comes back this could be an interesting situation.

3) What happened to Houston’s stingy defense?

4) Damn, the Warriors can score, or maybe that’s just Houston’s defense…

5) The more I think about it, the more i like the Lakers to three peat. Now, let me go pound my head against a wall.

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