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World Series Lacks Hype…

There’s an old adage that a Series isn’t over until a team wins a road game, so this afternoon is where we find out whether Texas is in the World Series, or just hanging around trying to get some memorabilia signed by the the 2010 World Series Champions.  Baseball seems to be suffering from an exposure problem, as this series fails to excite the East Coast and is suffering under the burden of out-hyping the NFL and the most hyped NBA season ever.  Thus far, they are failing.  It wont help for the Giants to sweep, or win in five, baseball needs this series to go seven.

So, is Texas up to the challenge?  Two games in, if you look only at the series, the answer would be “no,” but I think a return to a familiar environment, a pitcher who’s thrown well all season, and a place for Vlad Guerrero where he doesn’t have to crawl after balls will do wonders.  Baseball’s a funny game, before this series if you had asked which team would put up 11 and then 9 runs in the first two games, I think most observers outside the Bay Area would have said Texas.  They have solid hitters 1-9 and during the regular season they put up 787 runs to SF’s 697 (in the tougher league), but San Francisco has been the offensive powerhouse thus far and Texas now needs to find those bats in a hurry, because the Giants’ pitching isn’t likely to get much easier.

For baseball, one wonders what they could have done to entice more viewers to a good World Series.  Nobody (well, nobody who isn’t biased) wants to have only East Coast teams in the finals every year, but seemingly whenever the championship lacks New York, Boston or Philadelphia there’s a buzz lacking.  On some level I think that this relates to a bigger issue that baseball needs to address, which is whether or not commissioner Bud Selig is still holding all his marbles.  Never the most vociferous of commissioners, Chief Bud has been particularly silent over the last couple of years and from this vantage point, it seem that baseball lacks the kind of young, dynicamic leadership that the NFL has in Roger Goodell.

Baseball needs a commissioner who understands that You Tube isn’t a rights violating monstrosity, but a great resource for fans wanting to watch hi-light reel catches.  They need a leader who understands that baseball as it stands right now, cannot take on the NFL and NBA and thus needs to finish its season in October, not November.  It needs a leader who remembers that children who watch the game, come to love the game.  To that end, today’s game starts at 7pm, instead of the usual 8pm, but that still leaves kids sent to bed before the game finishes.  Why not start the weekend games at four or three?  Tomorrow night’s game starts at 8:20, which just happens to be the exact same time that America’s (other) team the Pittsburgh Steelers take on America’s darling the New Orleans Saints in a battle of the past two Super Bowl Champs.  Gee, who’s going to win that ratings battle?  On top of that, it’s also Halloween.  Which means that for baseball this year’s ratings will continue to be more trick than treat.

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