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The Curious Case of Chris Bosh…

Last year when I wrote about the possibility of Chris Bosh leaving Toronto, Raptor fans flooded me with emails about how the willowy big man was massively overrated and how his departure would acutally help the team long term.  At first I scoffed at this absurd notion, but their response was so resounding that I actually came to believe that the Raptors might acutally be in line for soemthing of a Ewing Theory season.  Trust I don’t mean that they’re going to challenge the East’s powers for the Conference Championship or anything, more that they’d win 35 games or so, which given the pieces of their roster would seem like 15 more than their expected total.  Seven games in to the post-Bosh era, it’s tough to see that coming true, but more and more it’s looking like the Raptor fans might have been on to something with Bosh.

Nine games in to the Miami Heat season, the sky is falling in South Beach.  The most hyped team in NBA history, the team some fanatics thought would challenge Michael Jordan’s 1996 Bulls for the single season wins record is 5-4.  Five and FOUR, with two losses to the Boston Celtics.  It’s probably not the end of the world, but it certainly might seem so to some observers.  What the Heat’s record doesn’t tell us, is anything about what will happen in May and June.  Even those losses to the Celtics don’t really mean much.  The Celtics won on opening night in their home building with the Heat playing together for essentially the first time.  Last night, the Celtics won in Miami playing what amounted to a near perfect game, while Dwayne Wade had his second worst night of the year.  As everyone keeps pointing out, the Celtics are already an established, fully functioning machine, but they’ve only won these two games by a combined 13 points.  So, what happens if by June the Heat have become a choesive team?  Suddenly two losses in November don’t matter.

Anyhow, what interests me about the Heat thus far, is Chris Bosh.  From Ric Bucher’s chat today:

Logan (Maryland)
Do you think Miami could be a championship contender if Bosh played like he did in Toronto

Ric Bucher (1:09 PM)
Bosh is playing the way he did in Toronto. That’s the problem.


In reality, Bosh isn’t playing the same way, his rebounds are down significantly and his usage rate has been wrecked by playing with two ball dominating guards. The former probably will pick up as the season moves along and the usage rate will shake out a little as the Miami offense finds itself, but it is indicative of how much the move to Miami has hurt his stock that Bucher makes such a comment. Bosh has gone from being considered one of basketball’s top talents – not in the LeBron-Wade echelon, but in that second tier – to being a national punch-line.

Form the Tony Kornheiser show today,

“Chris Bosh stinks… he stinks, he’s like an average player isn’t he?”
– Mr Tony
“Yes, he is.”
– Eric Kelliher

Double ouch!

Last year Bosh was viewed as a player worthy of a 120 million contract. This year, Bosh received a 120 million contract (give or take). Now, he’s an average player. Does this strike anyone else as strange? Did Bosh change; did our expectations of him change? Or did nothing change and everyone’s just overreacting to a few games?

Maybe Bosh was overrated in the first place and maybe he’ll live to regret going to Miami where his warts are being viewed in a way they never were in Toronto. Of course, maybe the Heat figure their offense out, win a title and everyone forgets all the anti-Bosh hysteria.

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