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The Pozie: Or the Best Sports Article I Read this Week…

So, I was catching up on my sports reading this morning, finishing a Hall of Fame column written by Joe Posnanski that I’d started earlier in the week. In the piece, Joe poses the question of who would belong in the Hall of Fame if we scrapped the current system and only elected the very best of the best. The Willie Mays caliber players. I wont go into too much detail about it, suffice to say that if you haven’t read it, you should. It’s spectacular. Well, written (of course), smart (of course), funny, with serious commitment to making a salient point.

I was about to email out the link to a few friends, when I thought, you know, I should really just put a link on my blog. Not that it will make any difference to Joe. His blog is probably viewed by like eight and a half million people a day. My blog’s read by like three people: My Mom, my Dad, and some guy in Moose Jaw, but my Mom always reads Joe before me and the guy in Moose Jaw might actually just be an elk who has mastered the use of the computer. So, nobody’s really reading this who hasn’t already read Joe anyhow, but his column was so good, that I felt I wanted to hilight it in some, small, way.

Ultimately, I thought why not award him with a “Best Sports Article I Read this Week” award. Of course, if I created a “Best Sports Article I Read this Week” award this week and started assigning it, that would be something akin to the NHL handing out Hart trophies during the eighties. Sure, there are thousands of writers writing about sports every day, but the “Best Sports Article I Read this Week” award is really just going to be handed out to Joe every week, as the Hart was handed to Gretzky year after year after year. So, why not just save some time, take the Cy Young route, acknowledge that he’s the best, and name the thing after him. Thus… the Pozie was born.

There is no living sports writer who deserves to have an excellent sports article award named after him more than Joe Posnanski. Joe is that rarified writer who understands statistics, knows how to use them in an article to make his point, but also has a rich and detailed understanding of sports history, tradition, and importance. Furthermore, he uses his intelligence for more than just belaboring a point he believes to be true. Does that make sense? Most sports writers are smart people. They’re educated, gifted with words, and – to some degree – well read. So, if they believe a certain point of view, like oh I don’t know, that the steroid users besmirched baseball more than anyone since Tom Yawkey and the other owners refused to let anybody other than whites play ball, well they are smart enough to articulate that point, convincingly, in column, after column, after column. Joe on the other hand, is intuitive enough to use his intelligence to look at an issue from all sides. To really see the heart of a debate, understand the salient points, and to, when necessary, attack the popular opinion with reason and class. These are underrated abilities in a sports writer.

Beyond that, he puts words onto paper (or screen as the case may be) at a pace that makes my head spin. When my blog production stalled out this summer, I almost resumed it by charting how many words Joe had produced in the three months I’d failed to write any. Trust me when I say that the total would have been well more than 75,000. He’s a machine, which is appropriate, since he once wrote a book titled, The Machine. He writes about sports almost every day. Baseball, football, golf, it doesn’t really matter, he follows and understands it all.

So, with all that slurping, I find myself blushing slightly, but you get my point that Joe is well deserving of having a sports writing award named after him. It seems like something we need. There is so much coverage of bad sports writing out there (don’t get me wrong, I wait for FJM’s yearly appearance on Deadspin) with only slightly less anticipation than a five year old awaiting Christmas Day, but…) that I think it’s important to acknowledge the good sports writing that exists out there. There is, still, truly great sports writing. I might hand out a Pozie weekly, but I doubt it, more likely it will be ad hoc. Whenever something strikes me as particularly good. Something worth reading, something I want that elk in Moose Jaw to read. Since I named it after Posnanski, I’ll try not to just hand it to him every time. But on that front, I can’t make any promises, he is after all really freakin’ good.

So, if you’ve found me on some random search of the words Moose and Elk and thus you haven’t read Posnanski’s Hall of Fame piece, go, go now. Find out who he believes would qualify if we tried to trim all the unworthy players from the Hall of Fame. Believe me, it will be the best sports column you read this week…

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