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NBA Playoff Schedules Blow…

Tonight, the Heat will lace up their sneakers and take the floor in the Boston TD Garden against the home squad… If you forgot that the Heat were playing the Celtics, I can’t blame you.  I mean it was about six weeks ago that the two teams played game 2.  Now, obviously basketball is such a physically demanding sport that, like football, the players should only play once a week, but come on…

Look, I understand that the NBA schedule is dictated by TV, but each year the absurd scheduling makes it a little harder for me to want to follow the playoffs.  On Tuesday night, while the Heat beat down the aging Celtics, the Zombie Sonics evened up their series with the Memphis Grizzlies.  The next night the Mavs beat the Lakers and the Bulls beat the Hawks.

On Thursday night?




On Friday night, logic would dictate a return of Celts-Heat, but nope, logic is wasted on the NBA schedule makers, so instead it was Lakers-Mavs again.  Sigh.

Seriously, I get the importance of having certain games on certain nights to produce robust television ratings, but would it kill David Stern to grow a pair and argue for some level game integrity for his sport?  I just want to see teams play every other night.  They don’t even have to tax themselves and play back to backs.  If Boston plays Miami on Tuesday night in game two, then game three should come Thursday night and then guess what?  Game four can come on Saturday night.  These guys do not need an extra day off, it doesn’t make them play better, it doesn’t make the fans hungrier for the games, it doesn’t make the television viewing more spectacular.

It just makes me want to watch hockey…

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