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Yu Never Know…

Baseball’s big Christmas announcement is supposed to come this afternoon; finally, after what feels like a decade of waiting (it’s actually close to that, time in the twitter age is measured differently, like dog years…), Nippon Ham Sandwiches are going to announce who posted the high bid for the latest Japanese pitching sensation, Yu Darvish.

Late last week, word spread – I want to say like wildfire, but the internet’s more like wildfire mixed with napalm – that the Jays had posted the high bid for Darvish, which would make him my fourth favourite Japanese import after: sushi, everything David Chang learned about Ramen, and Mr Miyagi.  It also, frankly, makes me a little squeamish, as the history of Japanese pitchers (Nomo, Irabu, Dice-K) isn’t exactly the Kobe beef of baseball.

But, the interweb being what it is, over the weekend the tide started slowly ebbing away from the Jays.  Rumors, innuendo, and whispers of executives assistant’s dog walkers have permeated the national consciousness and made conclusive evidence as eavasive as a puddle in the desert.

What we are left with, are tweets like the following ones from Buster Olney:

Something else being seen as possible clue that TEX is winning bidder (again, this is speculation): TOR stayed in Latos conversation late.

And then this re-tweet:

@Buster_ESPN saw bobby v at his restaurant on Saturday. He said its not toronto. Gm told him they weren’t big bid. Also thinks tex.

Retweeted by Buster Olney

Now, I’m not picking on Olney, he’s a legend in the field and does tireless work compiling information for baseball lovers.  It’s just that his tweets came in this morning and were so emblamatic of how rediculous (and awesome) awaiting breaking news on Twitter can be.

Starting with the first tweet, the idea that Toronto staying in the Latos conversation is a sign of anything is patently absurd. Do you what it’s a sign of?  That Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos loves acquiring high upside players who still have service time remaining.  Latos is four years away from free agency, which makes him a perfect addition for a team on the cusp of making a three or four year run of contention.  There’s no real reason that should be affected by placing a bid on Darvish.

And then there’s the second quote: now, I have no idea who @howrhee, so I have no reason to doubt his honesty, but… There has been no leak about which team placed the winning bid. None. So, howrhee is telling us that the Boston GM Ben Cherington knows who won the bid and has told his skipper? Seems plausible that a GM would tell his skipper, except that if Cherington knows, then other people within the Boston franchise know (Larry Lucchino and Tom Henry at the very least) and, well, this isn’t an organization with a recent track record of keeping secrets.

Or maybe it’s not that Cherington knows who the high bid was, but merely that the Jays didn’t bid that much? And how would he know that?  AA’s reign as Jays GM has sort of been the antithesis of Boston’s peach schnapps induced blabfest.  Nobody knows what AA’s doing until it’s done.  But @howrhee’s tweet would have us believe that the Jays’ GM is telling secrets out of bed to one of his division rivals?  Hhmmm…

Besides, if the Sox brass know, then other teams know and with any secret, the more ears that hear, the mouths that wag.  Which again, isn’t suggesting that it’s Toronto, not Texas, just that, perhaps, as Jim Bowden tweeted,

Blue Jays GM, Rangers GM, Agent for Darvish have all told me that NO ONE KNOWS except Commish Office, Japaneese League & Nippon who won bid.

As hard as it seems to believe in this day and age, we have to accept that we just simply don’t know.  And, frankly, I don’t know why that’s such a surprise, I mean MLB’s commissioner’s office is awesome at keeping secrets, well, unless they’re about dubious failed drug tests…

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